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How to apply for service:


You will need to fill out an application to start service. Click on the buttons below to download a PDF or Word document of the application. You will need the following to complete the application:


  1. name of the person(s) who will be legally responsible for the account

  2. the day you want service to start. Please be reminded that new service will only be activated during regular business hours unless you have made previous arrangements

  3. the address where you want your bill sent

  4. the physical address for the property

  5. any contact phone numbers you wish to share with us. This helps us to notify our customers in the event of emergency or scheduled or unschedule service interruptions

  6. service will not start until you have signed and dated the application

  7. your first month's bill will be prorated in the following manner. Your base rate will be divided by 30.43 days times the number of days you occupy the property until the meter is read for the first time. Your meter will be read at the time you start service so your usage fees will be based on actual meter readings



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