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Your service will be shut off for any of the following conditions:

  1. failure to pay the current portion of your bill (delinquency)

  2. failure to set up an account

  3. if at any time you are deemed a threat to the safety of the water system


The process for shutoff due to delinquency is:

  1. your account is deemed delinquent if any portion of your bill is past due 28-32 days

  2. you will be mailed a notice informing you that your account is deliquent, how much you must pay to become current and when you must pay it by

  3. if you fail to make full payment by that date and time you will recieve a 48 hour shutoff notice posted to the premise

  4. if you fail to make full payment by the shutoff day your service will be disconnected and locked and you will be charged $25.00

  5. when you do pay the stipulated amount you will be charged another $25.00 to have your service reinstated. You will also be charged your standard base rate during this period.


The process for shutoff if you are deemed a threat to the water system- you will be shutoff immediately and service will not be restored until you have met all state, federal and SVWC standards.

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