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Estimating meters:


At times it might be necessary for SVWC staff to estimate your meter. This can happen on an individual basis or in rare cases to each and every customer. Individually there might be a case where SVWC staff could not gain access to the meter (see Meter Accessibility under GENERAL INFO). In the rainy months the meter may be under several feet of water or the meter may be clouded over due to condensation. During the snow season it may be necessary that SVWC estimates all its customer's meters. Many of the meters are right beside the road and the snowplows can cover the meters in several feet of snow and ice. This then freezes over making it next to impossible to gain access to the meters. There is also a serious safety issue for SVWC staff. Estimating meters may cause your bill to be temporarily higher or lower than actual. This will be corrected with the next visual read. The problem begins when snowfall and ice mounds make it neccesary to estimate all meters for several months in a row. Fortunately this has not happened in the last several years but it has occured in previous years. We make every effort to work with our customers when they feel their meters have been grossly over estimated. Please contact the office anytime you feel your estimate is too high.

Meter read dates fluctuate between the 25th and 28th of the month.

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