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Closing or terminating your account:


You must provide written notice with your signature to the water company to close your account. Failure to do so may make you subject to further charges. Do not assume that the new owner or tenant will notify the water company! This can be in the form of a letter mailed to the SVWC PO Box, a FAX or an email (with signature attached, see CONTACT SVWC). We will accept an email with a valid electronic signature. In the notice, please include the following:


  1. your name, address and account number. If you do not know your account number please include the service address (no PO Boxes) of the property

  2. the date that you are legally vacating the premises

  3. a forwarding address to send your final bill. Unless you have prepaid your account you will have a final bill as we bill 30 days after the first day of service!

  4. if you know who the next owner or tenant will be it is very helpful if you can pass that information on (strictly voluntary)


After we have received notice your meter will be read and your final bill will be prorated in the following manner. The base rate will be divided by 30.43 days times the number of days you occupied the property since your meter was last read. Usage will be calculated and billed at the current rate.

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