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Meter accessibility:


It is the responsibilty of each customer of SVWC to make sure there is easy and clear access to their meters. In reality the meter is owned and maintained by the water company. SVWC staff must have access to the meter in order to read the meter each month and to start or stop service should the need arise. If SVWC staff in unable to read your meter it will be estimated and the condition will be corrected by SVWC staff at your cost.


Please ensure the following:


  1. do not park cars or other vehicles in such a way that a person cannot open the lid to the meter and reach down into the box if needed

  2. do not cover the meter box with soil, barkdust or rocks

  3. trim back all vegetation around the meter box

  4. watch your dog or other animals when meters are being read

  5. please notify the office if you notice any changes in the meter box or the meter

  6. do not attempt to modify the meter box or meter


You may be billed for any damage to the meter box or meter under Oregon law

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