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How to apply for new or reactivated connection:

If you moved into a home or unit that already has service please select How To: Applying for new service. This is for vacant lots only!


If you have a vacant lot, or you are reactivating a closed account, or splitting an existing property you must request new service. Availability of new service is totally dependent on water availability. Contact our office for the current status of availability. To apply you must do the following:


  1. Provide proof of ownership. This can be copies of land deeds or copies of the current CC Property tax for the requested location showing you are the registered owner.

  2. Provide SVWC with a signed formal request for service. The letter must include a signature of the legal owner and a tax lot designation (click on the button below for a sample letter).

  3. You must fill out a Service Application (see Applying for Service page or click on the button below to download the PDF)



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