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Rates effective 7/1/14

All residential customers 5/8" & 3/4" meter:

Base rate = $20.36

Water usage = $1.02 per CCF

Commercial customers:

   3/4" meter = $20.36, plus $1.02 per CCF of usage

      1" meter = $35.05, plus $1.02 per CCF of usage

1 1/2" meter = $75.12, plus $1.02 per CCF of usage

      2" meter = $500.77, plus $1.02 per CCF of usage

What is a CCF?:

Most water utilities use a standard of measure known as 100 cubic feet (CCF) of water as a basis for billing their customers. 1 cubic foot (CF) of water is equal to 7.48 gallons. So a CCF would be equal to 748 gallons. This makes the price of a gallon of water slightly more than 1/10 of a cent or $.0013636 with the new rate

Unmetered residential customers= $32.47

How to calculate what your usage charges will be:

On your bill you will see the word "Used" at the top center. Under that, is the amount of water you used since the last reading. This number is in CF (cubic feet). To determine your charge you take that number and divide by 100 (CCF) and take that number times $1.02. This is the dollar amount that now shows on your bill to the right of "Water usage". Please Click HOW TO then Payments/bills then Sample Bill to see an example.

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