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Water Quality Report:


SVWC is required by Oregon law to provide its customer with a report of the water quality issues it encountered (if any) during the year. The report is due by July 1 of each year.


If you would like to help save a few trees and help us keep our costs down you can opt out of the mailing by providing us with your email address and we will email you your copy. Just click on the CONTACTS then SVWC buttons to send us an email asking to be removed and use a valid email address when you send it. Thank you!


Water testing. SVWC staff test the water each month. Samples are taken to a certified lab for analysis and we receive the test results at the same time that the OHA receives them. Any actionable results will be dealt with immediately and in close conjuction with OHA staff. More extensive tests are taken on an annual, tri annual and 5 year basis. The schedule of testing is determined by OHA and can be seen on their web page (see CONTACTS)

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