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Water treatment:


At the current time the water provided by SVWC is only subject to two forms of treatment:


  1. AguaMag. This is a blended phosphate solution that is added to the water to keep any iron in the water in solution. This helps to prevent scaling in the pipes of both our customers and SVWC. AguaMag is only added to the system during the summer months when SVWC has to bring its 4th well into production to meet summer demands. Unfortunately that well (the Routledge Road well) has an iron concentration of up to 2.2 parts per million. Click on the button below for the manufacturer's data sheet

  2. sodium based bleach. Whenever repairs are made to the water system steps are taken to ensure that nothing enters the system during the repairs. Bleach is added to sanitize the system.


SVWC at the current time does not add fluoride or chorine to its system.

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